DAS Technology’s collaboration with General Motors is going deeper. All the way down into the data mine.

The automotive technology company announced it’s expanding its partnership with GM by joining the automaker’s equity mining program.

DAS said its consumer data and experience platform, CDXP Complete, includes equity mining capabilities such as matching customers with equity or nearing an equity position on their current vehicle and tracking engagement with its automated communications. The platform also offers integrations with many DMS and CRM systems.

The company said CDXP Complete, which is available to GM’s 4,000-plus U.S. dealerships, enables identity resolution within consumer data between the CRM and DMS, integrates advanced vehicle analytics and provides “additional proprietary features that target the right communication to the right consumer at the right time.”

DAS Technology’s relationship with GM dates to 2013, when the OEM named DAS as its first approved reputation management technology affiliate. Other DAS products that have since been approved for GM’s in-Market Retail co-op funds program include AI chat, real-time lead-quoting/nurturing SaaS and social media engagement technology.

GM has also approved DAS Technology’s CDXP Complete SaaS for IMR funds as a turnkey equity mining solution.

“We are honored that General Motors continues to recognize the value of our technology solutions,” DAS Technology co-founder and CEO Alexi Venneri said in a news release. “Dealers appreciate how innovative we are, continually evolving new SaaS solutions to improve the customer experience and leverage data at every step, which results in more satisfied consumers choosing to buy and service with GM dealers.”

The DAS team has joined GM on a 14-city Convert More Leads Workshop tour for dealers, which began in Detroit this week and will end in November on the West Coast. CDXP Complete and DAS Technology’s consumer engagement products will be displayed in each city’s vendor village.

“General Motors recognizes DAS Technology’s value that its suite of solutions provides to GM dealers across the country,” GM lead management equity mining and BDC manager John Kraemer said. “Equity and data mining are crucial for auto dealerships because, when combined, they can analyze insights and convert them into actionable communications targeting consumers with the right message at the right time.

“It helps our dealers unlock the untapped potential within their data in existing systems — driving increased sales, improved service results, customer loyalty and profitability.”