The Perils and Opportunities of Subprime Auto Finance Collections in the Age of Voice AI

In Collaboration with Russell Warden, CEO SameDay Auto & Scott Carroll, Business Lead – Collections at, this paper would be highly informative to the leadership of Auto Financing Companies with a big chunk of subprime auto debt in their portfolio. Get the White Paper here

Lack of automation of collection calls, scarcity of skilled agents, and spiraling collection costs have limited the scalability of auto finance companies.

It all changes with conversational voice AI! Powered with Generative AI,this technology can take on a human agent’s repetitive and tedious task by calling 1000s of consumers in minutes and answering inbound calls 24/7. Here is a glimpse of value creation:

  • 100% account penetration within minutes
  • Capturing dispositions and PTP
  • Higher connectivity by persistent reach outs
  • Ultra-low-cost early-stage delinquency reach outs
  • Answering all inbound calls 24/7 and enabling online payments
  • Identification of RPCs and WPCs
  • Data-powered collection strategy

In 2023 many auto finance companies and first and third-party collection agencies deployed voice AI and experienced impressive results. Here are some business outcomes’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform was able to achieve:

  • 168% Increase in Agent Productivity
  • 2X Scale
  • 2X Payment Collections via Voicebot
  • ¼ Cost of consumer reach outs
  • Over 30% jump in Connectivity Rates’s solution has been completely compliant and is taking a quantum leap in capabilities with Generative AI. For more information on Voice AI and transformation journeys in Auto Finance Collections download the whitepaper .