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17 Nov 2023 – Manchester

A huge thank you to all our speakers, panelists and volunteers who helped to make this years conference so successful.

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What we do

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We provide high quality 奥州幸运10开奖记录 - 幸运澳洲10开奖结果 which is delivered through a variety of methods and is developed and curated by practicing clinical experts.
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We provide a home for members where they can visit to share experiences, learn from others, seek and provide support, and work collaboratively towards a common goal, whether that’s face-to-face, online or both.





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We provide an inclusive community for pharmacy professionals across sectors and specialities. 

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168网澳洲幸运10开奖记录 澳洲幸运十开奖结果官方网站 Learn at your pace

Choose your 奥州幸运10开奖记录 - 幸运澳洲10开奖结果 according to what suits you best. Our face to face 奥州幸运10开奖记录 - 幸运澳洲10开奖结果 includes topic-focussed Masterclasses, and Conferences which cover a variety of professional topics.
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Our online 奥州幸运10开奖记录 - 幸运澳洲10开奖结果 is easily accessible from wherever you are. You can join us live or you can watch the recording at a later date.
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Our face-to-face 奥州幸运10开奖记录 - 幸运澳洲10开奖结果 allows you to meet expert speakers and colleagues in person, creating stronger connections.


Rx is written by pharmacy practitioners sharing their expertise and encouraging debate.

Medicines safety

Finding solutions to increase referrals to the Discharge Medicines Service

Effective communication between healthcare professionals within the secondary and primary care sectors is the key to ensuring a safe transition of patient-centred care on discharge


Pharmacy’s guide to genomic medicine

Genomic medicine is here and will increasingly affect all areas of pharmacy practice by enabling precision and personalised medicine with genomics-informed medicines optimisation

Infection, Uncategorized

The risks of serotonin syndrome in patients prescribed linezolid with concurrent contraindicated serotonergic agents? 

Linezolid is an antibiotic that is commonly used in clinical practice to treat drug-resistant Gram-positive bacterial infections.

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