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The UKCPA Critical Care Community is passionate about the value of clinical pharmacy within multidisciplinary ICU teams and the recognition of clinical pharmacists within the healthcare professions.

The UKCPA Critical Care community is one of our most active and innovative. Often working as sole critical care pharmacists within their hospitals, practitioners in this area can receive support and advice from this community, wherever they are located. 

The UKCPA Critical Care Committee paved the way in pharmacist-led national guidelines, professional recognition for advanced practitioners, and the need for practitioner-led education and training in clinical pharmacy. 

The Committee has strong links with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and the Intensive Care Society. They are involved in advocating for the impact and value of critical care pharmacy to inform workforce standards in critical care wards. 

They regularly develop and deliver UKCPA learning events in critical care subjects and provided instant and significant support and training to others during the COVID pandemic.

Key documents

Adult Critical Care Pharmacy Workforce Strategy
NHS. December 2022

Pharmacy services needed for enhanced care
UKCPA. February 2022.

Impact and value of critical care pharmacy: A round up of the evidence
Mark Borthwick. July 2020.

Drug dosing in extremes of body weight in critically ill patients
UKCPA. September 2013.

Minimum infusion volumes for fluid restricted critically ill patients
UKCPA. December 2012 (4th edition).

Critical Care pharmacists talking on a ward
The Committee has strong links with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and the Intensive Care Society.


Key milestones and achievements


Members of the Committee contributed to the development of the core standards for intensive care units which outlined minimum staffing levels of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the availability of clinical pharmacy services.


Members of the Committee, together with a virologist and input from the Health Protection Agency and the World Health Organization, produced guidance for treating influenza in critically ill patients. 

Professional tools 

The Committee were instrumental in pioneering the development of professional development frameworks and tools which have since been used to inform frameworks adopted nationally. The Committee also spearheaded the initiative to develop professional curricula which defines the knowledge, skills, behaviours and experiences that constitute advanced and expert practice.


The Committee reacted swiftly to the COVID pandemic in 2020 and the need for rapid and effective training for pharmacists new to critical care practice. They delivered regular online training throughout the pandemic and supported the clinical pharmacy community through the online forums.

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