SafePoint Dealer Services recently launched several new features designed to give dealerships control over communication with their customers while increasing monthly service revenue by 10-15% monthly.

With newly enhanced GPS tracking and monitoring tools, alongside robust connected vehicle technology, Safepoint dealerships can take advantage of the following benefits:

—A direct communication channel between the dealer and the customer via on-board diagnostic and service scheduling alerts to recapture service appointments.

—100% visibility across lot inventory for low battery and fuel alerts, reducing waiting time for customers and decreasing time to sale.

—A three-click service scheduling process, reducing the dropout rate of lost service appointments by half. (Industry rates sit at between 14 and 21 clicks to an appointment, according to SafePoint.)

—The ability to manage inventory across multiple lots and thwart stolen vehicles through monitoring, alerts and tracking.

—Up to $100,000 additional gross per month through resale of SafePoint vehicle safety monitoring, vehicle tracking and recovery, and vehicle health monitoring devices.

Troy Duhon is the owner of Premier Automotive Group and described his experiences with the tool through a news release provided by SafePoint.

“Since installing SafePoint to manage and monitor our lot inventory we’ve generated an additional $80k-$100k per store, per month, in gross profit and have seen a continued increase in booked service appointments,” Duhon said. “But the biggest benefit of all is the connected car technology and using the diagnostic alerts to recoup our own service customers and bring them back to our bays.”

While continuing to eliminate disruptions to the sale through tracking features like low battery, fuel and theft alerts, SafePoint highlighted the company recently unveiled a connected car feature that pushes diagnostic information to the driver and encourages them to make a service appointment.

In this way, SafePoint said the tool can open a crucial line of communication between drivers and their local dealer by encouraging the scheduling of a service appointment.

“We created SafePoint to eliminate as many roadblocks that disrupt the road to sale as we could,” SafePoint founder Dean Powery said. “We monitor lot inventory management issues by providing low fuel and battery alerts, we increase communication with drivers by pushing diagnostic information to them and enabling them to easily schedule an appointment. We bring customers back to the dealership’s own service department and keep the line of communication open between customers and their dealership in order to increase retention.

“Think of SafePoint as your one stop shop to monitor, track, communicate and retain customers across dealerships,” Powery added.

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